Latha Vijaybaskar



She –

is a retired teenager

loves teaching high school students.

loves to write in complete silence

wishes she had some silence in her chaotic life

needs to focus more, exercise more and snack less.

needs to read less, but wishes she had unlimited reading time.

wishes she could meet all her readers in person

fools herself when she says she hates chocolates.

loves her laptop, her notebooks, her pens

wishes she were not a stationery addict

wishes her kids didn’t grow up so quickly

thanks God for everything she is and may become!

A quick list of my published works

Shifting sands - (Celebrating India, a compilation of memoirs, short stories and travelogues depicting India as seen through the eyes of people who have lived in and loved her).

Bottled sky -A short story published by  Muse India

On retailing in India - Hindu Retail Plus, and other online forums.

self published a book on creative writing.

Thanks for stopping by. You can show your overwhelming support by following this blog, or like my FB page. But most of all keep visiting. It kinda gets lonely without you!


Latha Vijaybaskar  





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